ITCG/DKV Tournament 2017

Tournament Information

The ITCG / DKV is one of the largest volleyball tournaments in the Northern Netherlands. It is organized by the three student volleyball clubs in Groningen, Donitas, Kroton en Veracles.

This year, the 34th edition is going to take place from the 2nd of June to the 4th of June at the University Sports Centre (ACLO) at the Zernike Complex in Groningen.

DKV annually attracts around 1,000 participants from the Netherlands and abroad. For example, teams from Germany, Belgium, England, Denmark and the United States participated over the last years.


Every year the DKV crew organizes some great parties on the Friday and Saturday night of the tournament.

The tournament starts off with a party on Friday night in the News Cafe, situated in the city centre of the beautiful city of Groningen. This club is one of the most visited clubs in the centre of Groningen and can be found on directly next to the Grote Markt, the city square of Groningen. Here, we will party all night long. But be aware! There are still two days of volleyball matches ahead of you! Transportation for those who camp near the ACLO will be arranged by the organisation.

The next day, the party will be a lot closer to the volleyball courts, because it is held in the canteen of the ACLO itself! So when you are tired of playing volleyball and have enjoyed a great meal, you do not need to cycle to another location! Of course, a special act has been arranged during this party, but this will remain a secret. But remember: you still have to shine on the volleyball courts the next day!


Once upon a time is the theme of this year’s ITCG/DKV-Tournament. The party on Friday night will be completely theme, so dress up sharp and come party with us. Be there and find your Prince Charming or Cinderella!

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